Parkyoga is an outdoor yoga program in

The Botanic Garden Sydney & Centennial Parklands.

We offer group classes, corporate programs and private 1-on-1 classes.


Our aim is to provide a simple yet holistic practice that creates greater well-being. For most of us that means feeling calm and focused in our mind; flexible, strong and energetic in our body.

Create a positive mindset with regular outdoor morning yoga classes. When we incorporate good habits and begin our day positively, we are a step closer to a balanced being.


PARKyoga is for people just like you!

We are encouraging towards all students regardless of your level of experience, fitness or flexibility.

If you are looking for BALANCE and love being in NATURE, practising yoga in the outdoor is one of the best ways to truly experience the benefits of yoga and it’s mood boosting results.



Parkyoga was born from the desire to inspire people living an authentic, healthy and balanced lifestyle through daily practice of yoga, meditation and mindfulness.

We motivate our community to create good habits and encourage positive morning routines to welcome a sense of clarity and well-being throughout the day.


Start your day the right way!
Each class is carefully crafted to leave your body balanced and your mind calm; ready to take on the day.

Class sizes are small to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience and to enable personal instructions to honour each students well-being.


Research proves that yoga relieves stress, improves health, increases focus and supports a better work/life balance.
Learn how to quiet your mind, how to build your natural energy and how to wake up feeling great!

Experience the beautiful locations, the welcoming community, and best of all…the great workout your mind and body needs.


We invite you to join us in one of our classes and experience what yoga outside in a safe and secluded  place can do for you!  

See What Our Clients Are Saying


I enjoyed participating in Svenja’s yoga classes and would recommend them to anyone who wants to try yoga. I found the classes are a great way to reinvigorate, stretch and take a moment to re-connect with my body and mind. Svenja has a lovely energy and did a great job tailoring the yoga practice to the students’ needs.

Laura, Cancer Council Australia, Sydney

I’m a  50yr old male that had never done yoga before. After some encouragement from members of the class I went along for a one off session. The class we did was really challenging and I can honestly say I didn’t enjoy it one bit, but at the same time it helped my body. The next 3 classes were no better, but it all turned around after that and I started finding the classes easier and my strength and stretch improving. I now look forward to the classes and the challenges they bring along with a good laugh we always have.

Thanks Svenja!

Rick, Centennial Parklands, Sydney

Svenja, I love your teaching style. It is clear that you are very knowledgeable and it is great how you design the classes towards our needs and level.
I always feel fantastic after class.

Thank you!

Simone, PWC, Sydney